Inspired by New York City Street Food started by Zabi Zaman , The Halal Kingz is proud to serve you and your family one of the finest and tastiest authentic Afghan Halal food.

Our food are made with the finest ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Our mission is to offer you and your family the highest quality of food at an affordable price.


Mohammed Zabi Zaman founded The Halal Kingz in 2019.  A First generation New Yorker whose grandparents emigrated from Kabul, Afghanistan , Zabi acquired his appreciation of cooking in the Afghan style in the kitchens of his mother and grandmothers. It was there that his dedication to the finest ingredients, careful preparation, and attention to detail were learned. “Never compromise quality” became the hallmark of his Food Truck. At The Halal Kingz , every dish reflected Zabi dedication to offering his patrons the finest experience possible. 



The word Halal literally means permissible. To make Halal meat or poultry, the animal must be slaughtered in a ritual and permissible way. Animal are required to be alive and healthy at the time of slaughter.

The animals must be treated well and given healthy and clean feeds. Halal farmers avoid using antibiotics and other additives. Halal farmers likewise abstain from utilizing anti-infection agents and synthetic concoctions that numerous other increasingly profiteering farmers may use.